PAPER Presentation Guidelines

  • There are a number of sessions in different rooms  during  each paper presentation period. Presenters will be notified the presentation session and venue by email.
  • A Chair will be present in each session to open up discussion, draw conclusion, provide feedback, etc.
  • Each room is equipped with a computer and projector.
  • Each presenter is given 15 min to present, and another 5 min for Q&A.
  • The presentation should not be read verbatim from the paper. Not only are such presentation usually dull, but because of time constraints the author may be cut off by the session chair before reaching the most significant aspects of the presentation.
  • The  presenter  should  prepare  an  outline  of  the  major  points  of  the  paper. Presentations should represent on the average a 12-15 minute summary of the paper. Highlights may be given covering such points as the purpose of the study, description of the sample, methodology, problems, and major findings, conclusions, or recommendations. The amount of time devoted to each highlight will vary according to the author’s evaluation of the importance of each area to the paper.


POSTER Presentation Guidelines

Click here to download the poster presenter guideline (last updated 24th June).